Karleigh Acosta

FGCDL FC: Who is Karleigh Acosta?

My name is Karleigh Acosta, I am 17 years old, and I am from Cape Coral, Florida. I am currently attending Mariner High School. I am not enrolled in a college. I am not committed either, but I have been talking to some schools who are interested in me.

FGCDL FC: What soccer experience you bring to the women’s team?

I currently play for West Florida Flames ECNL (2000). I received honourable mention as a freshman and sophomore, and varsity soccer for 3 years. For club soccer, my team made the sweet 16 for state cup and elite 8 the next year.

FGCDL FC: What is your best moment in soccer?

Made it to the elite 8 (top 8 teams in Florida make it). In State Cup, making it to the elite was a major accomplishment. Making it this far in this tournament means that my team was one of the best 8 teams in the state of Florida.

FGCDL FC: What do you expect for the upcoming season?

My expectations for this season include having a winning season, meeting new people, and to have fun. From this league, I hope to increase my speed of play, increase my fitness, and show that I can play at an elite level.

Vincent de Weger, Director of Soccer Operations, is delighted with Karleigh Acosta as player of our Women’s Team: “Karleigh is a dynamic midfielder with potential. The qualities that she showed during the try-out convinced every assessor to give her a spot in our team. We hope that she brings that extra flair and movement to the field that we need for our Women's team. Besides that she is from Cape Coral and that shows us that we made the right choice with bringing professional soccer to SW Florida