The 2017/2018 FGCDL FC Youth Academy Staff consists of several Coaches and Program Assistants:

Director of Soccer Operations/Youth Academy Coach/WPSL Women's Team Head Coach - Vincent de Weger -

  • KNVB Youth trainer
  • Former coach of the Ajax Clinics
  • Marketing member of AFC Ajax
  • Former coach of Houston Dutch Lions FC.

Academy Director/Youth Academy Coach - Davy Hendriks-

  • Vitesse Trainingschool
  • KNVB Camps
  • Winning mood USA SummerCamps

Youth Academy Coach - John Teeter

  • USSF F-License
  • Player of the 2016 FGCDL FC Men's team
  • Player of NAIA College Soccer for 4 years

Youth Academy Coach - Danilo Cortes 

  • USSF D-License
  • Player of the 2016 FGCDL FC Men's team

Youth Academy Coach/Lions Cub Coach - Mark Mcilroy

  • Former player Falkirk FC in Scotland
  • Level 2 and level 3 Scotland Coaching licenses

Youth Academy Coach - Vitor DeCunha

  • USSF E Licensed coach
  • Played for Sao Paolo in Brazil
  • Played Monmouth college in New Jersey
  • State and High School licensed coach

Youth Academy Volunteer Coach- Hannah DePaola

  • USSF F Licensed coach
  • Plays for Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC Youth Academy since the start

Youth Academy Fitness Coach- Tina Kaiser

  • Owner of Fit+Fun
  • Former psychologist
  • Holds a Master of Science in Psychology

Youth Academy Physical Therapist- Matthew Harkness

  • Owner of Allied Physical Therapy
  • Holds a BS from Gordon College, Masters from Nova Southeastern University and a Doctorate in Evidence in Motion from the Institute of Health Sciences in Louisville, KT.  Additionally, he studied advanced treatment of spine, neck and jaw facial pain/dysfunction at the University of St. Augustine.

In case you want to be a Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC Coach please contact Vincent de Weger