Individual Training

The Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC offers individual technical skill training based on the famous Wiel Coerver drills. These individual training sessions are open to everyone that is interested in improving their soccer skills and will be lead by the experienced and professional coaches from the Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC staff. Specific Goalkeeper training is also available.

Although the Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC Youth Academy already has a lot of focus on the development of the technical skills at its team training sessions, we believe that working individually or in small groups (maximum of 4 players) is very beneficial for the players development.

Training can be offered individually, so the coach will work 1 on 1 with the participant, or in groups of 2, 3 or 4 participants. All sessions will have the duration of 60 minutes (1 hour) and will be scheduled according to coaches and participants availability.


         Price per participant
1 session 5 sessions 10 sessions
1 player     $40     $175     $300
2 players     $30     $125     $225
3 players     $25     $100     $175
4 players     $20     $75     $125


For more information, or to register as an individual or a group,  please contact our Director of Soccer Operations at