FGCDL FC adds Ivan Morales to coaching staff

FGCDL FC adds Ivan Morales to coaching staff

Cape Coral, November 15, 2017 - With the growth of the number of players in the Youth Academy, Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC is pleased to announce the addition of Ivan Morales to the 2017-2018 coaching staff. With over 35 U8 players on the roster and the U11B and U12G playing tournaments, Ivan will mostly assist Davy Hendriks.

We had an interview with Ivan to get to know him better.

FGCDL FC: Who is Ivan Morales?

Ivan Morales: My name is Ivan Morales, I am 25 years old and I am from Miami, Florida and recently moved to Fort Myers.

FGCDL FC: What is your experience as a soccer player and soccer coach?

Ivan Morales: I played soccer my whole life since I could walk. As a player, I used to play for different teams in Miami. Now I am a US licensed coach and it is my ambition to grow as a coach.

FGCDL FC: Which teams will you be coaching?

Ivan Morales: I am the Assistant Coach of Coach Davy with the U8, U11B, and U12G teams.

FGCDL FC: What are your expectations for this season for both yourself and your teams?

Ivan Morales: It is my expectation to work with our Youth Academy players and make sure they will succeed in theirĀ development objectives. I will help them to improve in their skills but also the rules and tactics that are involved in soccer.

FGCDL FC: When can we see you on the pitch?

Ivan Morales: I coach every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 5.45-8.45.

Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC and the Orange Family welcomes Ivan to the club and wishes him all the best.