FGCDL FC looks forward to our Lions Cub program with Coach Kim

FGCDL FC looks forward to our Lions Cub program with Coach Kim

Cape Coral, September 25th- Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC started a month ago with their Lions Cub Program. A program for 3-4 years old players. We are happy that Coach Kim is their Coach and we had an interview with her.

FGCDL FC: Who is Kimberly Rogers?

I am originally from New York and have played competitive soccer since age 8. I have three beautiful little girls and when I'm not coaching I'm on the sidelines cheering them on. I have coached many teams from recreational soccer to competitive teams. Professionally, I work for United Healthcare and I have my Masters in Mental Health Counseling.

FGCDL FC: Which team do you coach this year?

I coach our newest program: the Lion Cubs

FGCDL FC: Is this a totally new team or do you have players that were at FGCDL FC last season?

This is a completely new team/program consisting of some fierce 3-4-year-olds.

FGCDL FC: What are your expectations for this coming season with your Lions Cub program?

My goal is to teach these little ones some very basic soccer skills and share my love for the game with them.

FGCDL FC: What are your expectations for this coming season for the club?

I would love to see each player increase the amount of touches they get on the ball with each practice. At this age, it is challenging to keep their attention and if I can get them touching that ball a little more each practice it will be a success.

FGCDL FC: When can we see your team practice?

Tuesday at 6.00pm at Jim Jeffers Park and I must say they are the cutest Dutch Lion team out there!

We wish Coach Kim and her Lions Cub all the best of luck and fun.