FGCDL FC renews partnership with Fit+Fun

FGCDL FC renews partnership with Fit+Fun

Cape Coral, August 15th- Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC is happy to announce that we renewed our partnership with Fit+ Fun. Fitness Coach Tina Kaiser will work with our Youth Academy players on Thursday every 2 weeks.

FGCDL FC: Can you tell us what Fit +Fun Provide for service?

Fit + Fun provides holistic personal and group fitness training for all levels and ages; functional training. athletic training, strength training, flexibility training. Everything you need for a healthy body. We also offer Self Defense courses based on military close combat.

The kids and the parents of the FGCDL can work out at my gym for a discounted price. For the FGCDL FC, Fit + Fun offers agility and strength training.

FGCDL FC: What are the changes compare last week? I guess you mean season?

We had to shrink the training from weekly to bi-weekly, so we need to really be focused and work hard in that short period of time. Almost every kid needs more strength in the core, legs and upper body and needs to work on their coordinative skills. Besides the regular practice, the kids can come and join the regular workouts at Fit + Fun or the special kids classes.

FGCDL FC: How can we recognize Fit and Fun at the fields?

I am the tall blonde who yells with a strange Austrian accent ;-)

FGCDL FC: What are your expectations for the coming season?

I want the kids to have fun while they am working on their skills, but taking the training seriously. Every player should develop more core strength and speed.

Director of Soccer Operations Vincent de Weger is delighted with the renewal: " Fit+ Fun brings something to the field that we can't offer like Tina Kaiser her company does. She is an expert in agility and coordination and that is one of the basics for a soccer player. I am happy that we continue our partnership and I can't wait to see the results."