FGCDL FC looks forward to the season with Coach Menno Vermeer

FGCDL FC looks forward to the season with Coach Menno Vermeer

Cape Coral, August 24th- He is here the longest of all the coaches. Youth Academy Season 2017/2018 is his 3rd season at Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC. A great moment to have an interview with Coach Menno Vermeer.

FGCDL FC: Which team do you coach this year? 

This year I will coach the U8 and the U14G.

FGCDL FC: Is this a totally new team or do you have players that were at FGCDL FC last season?

For the U8 we have a lot of new kids joining. A lot of players from last year were U7 so they are still playing for the U8 this year.
With the U14G, we have a big group. Most of the girls from last year are still there but we also had more people joining the team.

FGCDL FC: What are your expectations for this coming season?

For the U8 it will be all about learning the basics of soccer and having fun. I hope they will like and learn a lot in the practice.
Of course having fun for the U14G is important too, but we are also practicing to win games. Learning what to do on your position in the field will be the key to success.

FGCDL FC: When can we see your team practice?

You can see me practice on  Tuesday and Thursday from 5:45pm-7pm with the U8.
And Monday Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm-8:45 pm with the U14G.

We wish Coach Menno and his teams all the best this upcoming year.