3v3 Tournament in Fort Myers with good results

3v3 Tournament in Fort Myers with good results

July 9th, Cape Coral- Our seven 3v3 teams showed their development and some decent results at their last 3v3 tournament. Although the weather changed into thunderstorms what caused a cancellation of the tournament, the teams did a great job. With three third places the coaches were overall happy with the performances.

U8 of Coach Jorge

U8B had a good tournament this weekend. They reached the semi-final with good soccer due passing, dribbling and shooting. Unfortunately they came two goals short to reach the finals but they did win their game for 3rd place.

U10B of Coach Menno

The U10 won their first game in a low scoring game. They scored three times and they didn't even concise a goal! Their second game was a spectacular game and it ended in a tie. With another good passing they also won their third game. The last game was against a good team. With a lot of changes they lost that game. Unfortunately , they didn't make it to the finals today, they were 3rd and missed the finals only by a couple of goals.

U11B of Coach Menno

Today was a good day for our U11 Boys. They worked really hard in the games and played a lot of good attacks. With a lot of high scoring games they compete with the opponents. Some goals were played really good and was the evidence of the quality the kids have.

U11G of Coach Menno

The U11 Girls started this tournament with a tied game combined with some good passes and attacks. The second game was very good and they won that game with one goal difference. The winning goal was scored from half way. The next two games they played against very good teams, but they worked hard and made a lot of progression since last tournament. They ended up 4th in their age group.

U12G of Coach Davy  

The U12 Girls showed the big progression they made last weeks during their last tournament. They worked very hard and had some great goals by good passing and positioning. Unfortunately, they came one win short for the semifinals, but they deserve all the credits because of the huge development they have made.

U13G of Coach Davy

Our U13 Girls showed the prefect behavior on how to play good soccer for a few games and they reached the semifinals. Unfortunately they lost the semifinals and became 3rd this tournament.

U16G of Coach Davy

The U16 Girls worked very hard to get another 3rd place. In their bracket they had to play against teams that were a few years older. It wasn't easy, but with the progression they have made the last few weeks, they made it work.