Good learning experience FGCDL FC in back to back games

 Good learning experience FGCDL FC in back to back games

Cape Coral, June 19 2017 – The Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC Women’s team (2-1-1) picked up only one point in their back to back games vs Boca Blast on Saturday and Florida Krush on Sunday. The game vs Boca Blast ended in a tough 3-0 defeat and the game vs Florida Krush ended in a spectacular 4-4 draw, with 2 goals by Kristina Trujic, 1 by Alexus Turley and 1 by Gabriella Morales.

Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC started their away game in Boca Raton very solid without creating any major chances. After the first 15 minutes the Lions started to lose control of the game. Boca Blast created more chances and scored 1-0 after a mistake in the Lions' defense. A couple of minutes before halftime it became even 2-0 when too much space was give to the front line of Boca Raton. In the second half the Lions tried to get back in the game, but Boca kept control. It was Boca Raton that created several chances of which they scored one goal: 3-0. It was the first loss for the Lady Lions after two straight wins in the opening games.

On Sunday the Lions had played Florida Krush. The players came together early to get prepared for the game. The Lions seemed to have put the loss of the previous day behind them and started very good creating a lot of chances and after a solo and a good shot of Kristina Trujic, Gabriella Morales scored the 1-0 in the 16th minute. Instead of pushing forward the Lions started to drop back too far, resulting in a goal for Florida Krush just before halftime: 1-1.

The second half was 20 minutes on the way when Florida Krush scored two more goals with the Lions' defenders not marking tight enough. The Lions bounced back though and Alexus Turley pressured the opponent who made a mistake, after which Alexus scored calmly one on one with the goalie: 2-3. Right after the goal Kristina Trujic saw that the goalie was too far in front of the goal. She chipped it over the goalie from 35 yards scoring an amazing goal! A couple of minutes later she did it again. Now from even further, scoring the 4-3 and giving the Lions a well deserved lead. The Lions tried to hold on to the lead, but in the last minute of the extra time Florida Krush scored the 4-4. Overall a spectacular game but a disappointing result after leading 4-3 in injury time.

Head Coach Vincent de Weger: “During this weekend we didn't have the results that we wanted with only one point out of two games. But if we look at the development of this group of young girls we made a huge step this weekend. We know that we still have a lot of work to do, especially on the transition and defensive side. This week we will practice hard again and work on those issues. We hope to see you all again next week when we play against FC Surge".

Sunday June 25 the FGCDL FC Women’s team plays their next WPSL game at Ida Baker High School, at 6PM vs FC Surge in a special “Veterans Day Game”. Entrance for all Veterans is free, they will also receive a soda and hotdog. Tickets are $5.00. Let us know if you come!