3 finals, 2 champions and huge improvements for all teams

3 finals, 2 champions and huge improvements for all teams

Cape Coral, April 24th-  Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC Youth Academy had an impressive weekend at the Bradenton Cup. With championships for the U11B and U16G, a 2nd place for the U13B, 3rd place for the U12G and a 4th place for the U8 the academy showed their selves to the area.

The U8 started the tournament with an exciting game with chances on both sides. Some great attacks and a big chance in the last minute, unfortunately they had a close lose. The U8 ended the tournament at the 4th place after 3 good games where they showed their improvement and the development over the months.

The U11B came with only one goal to the tournament and that was to win the Bradenton Cup 2017. The first 2 games the team didn’t play as they always do, but still won their games. The morning game on Sunday was a warm-up for the final, because that game was against the same team. In the final the U11B showed why they were the favourite for the victory. Some great positioning, passing and goals. Where the best goal was scored by Thomas. The goal was set up all the way from Drew and with some great movements and touches Alex got the ball and dropped it directly on Thomas. With his inside foot he shot it in the right corner. The final score was 5-0 and the U11 won the Bradenton Cup.

The U12G played a great first game where they were controlling the game. Some great passing and a good goal from Mia that was built up by Neveah, to Annabelle who crossed it on Mia. Unfortunately, they conceded a last minute goal and ended in a 1-1. The second game they lost, so the Sunday morning was all or nothing against the nr. 8 of the state. They kept them for a long period at their own half with high pressure and fighting spirit. At the end of the game they came 1 goal short for a place in the finals. With a 3rd place the girls showed the spirit that is in this team.

The U13B played some amazing games where they showed the development in the last months. Especially on Saturday they played really well and qualified themselves for the final on Sunday. Great goals, corner kick that went in in once and good teamwork. The first game on Sunday was against the same team the final was. In the morning they won against the opponent. The final was unfortunately a loss, but the U13B ended as 2nd at the Bradenton Cup!

The highlight of the weekend was the U16G. With 3 U13G players in the team they had to face some top teams in the state. The first game ended in a 6-0 victory, with 4 goals scored by Shelby. The next game they played against the nr21 of the state. The girls showed the same as the game before, a great spirit, teamwork and great playing. Unfortunately, they lost the game in the last quarter. Because the result on the other fields was good the U16G qualified for the final on Sunday. On Sunday the final against the team they had a tie against in the morning. In the final both teams showed they wanted to win the final. With a 0-0 after 2 halves it meant PK’s. Elizabeth Woolf saved the last PK and that meant the U16G won the Bradenton Cup. The girls deserved this after some tournaments where they played great, but were unlucky. Congratulations girl with this amazing result!

Next week the teams have more tournaments at Kelly Road and Naples.