FGCDL FC announce Vincent de Weger as Head Coach Women’s Team

FGCDL FC announce Vincent de Weger as Head Coach Women’s Team

Cape Coral, March 5, 2017 - Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC named Vincent de Weger as the new Head Coach of the 2017 Women’s team. Vincent brings a lot of coaching experience from his time as a coach in the Netherlands and his time at Houston Dutch Lions FC. This season he is responsible for the U16G team.

Why do you want to be the Head Coach of this team?

Being the Head Coach of our Women’s team is the next step in my coaching career. I have experience in coaching Women’s senior teams in the Netherlands, something I really enjoyed. Coaching a Women’s team at this level is something I wanted since I came to Cape Coral.

What are your expectations for the upcoming season?

We want to be competitive from day one. I expect a high level of commitment from our players during the practices and games. June 3 is our first home game. This will be unique, and hopefully, we can give the fans a victory and also (family) excitement that day. Our goal is to finish in top 4 of the Conference and hopefully advance to the WPSL Regional Finals.

What kind of players do you want on your team?

Every position requires a variety of qualities, but the 1st thing I always look for is dedication and motivation. During the season (June-July) it will be warm and humid, we will need players that will give more than 100%. If players give that kind of effort, the qualities of the players will surface as well.

Jouko Gorissen, General Manager, is happy with the appointment of Vincent de Weger as Head Coach of the Women’s team: ‘’Vincent is an experienced coach, and that is what the team needs in it's first year. He has shown how to build a team and create a good team chemistry as well as a clear focus on development. Because the season is short, the team needs to come together quickly. I am really positive and excited about the upcoming season under his leadership.’’

We wish Vincent de Weger the best of luck and blessings for the 2017 season.

Want to see our Head Coach Vincent coach? Come to our home opener on June 3rd, 5pm at North Fort Myers Community Park.