Again a perfect day with our Youth Academy

Again a perfect day with our Youth Academy

Cape Coral March 13th - It's great to see the whole Orange Family together on the fields. Players are playing a 3v3 tournament, and they have a lot of ball touches. Parents are watching the game and support all the kids. Last Saturday was very successful for our Youth Academy.

FGCDL FC U8 - Team Yellow and Orange wins

This Saturday we played on four fields 3v3 games with the U8. We made 2 separate groups with each 4 teams. The leader of the U8 Micheal Kondor scores a lot of goals today, but he lost in the final against team Yellow. Not only team Yellow was the winner, but also team Orange because they won the final with 4-0.

Micheal Kondor is still the leader with 38 points, second place is this week for Thierry Schreyer, and on the third place is Jackson Smith.

FGCDL FC U9 - A great tournament for everybody

Our U9 played a good tournament. During the group stage, everybody showed their skills and they were playing as a team. Team Blue won their games during the group stages, and they were the strongest in the exciting final against team Orange. The final score was 4-3, and they scored the final goal in the last minute of the game. It is awesome to see how fanatic all the players are during the 3v3 tournament, so just keep going U9!

FGCDL FC U10B & U11B - Lucky winner team Green

Our U10B & U11B keep showing us their development every week. In every match, both teams scored a minimum of one goal. Team Green lost their first two games and one draw, but in the semi-final, they won their game after PK's against team Blue. The last game was against team Orange, also in this match, they need PK's to win the tournament.

FGCDL FC U13B & U16B - Offensive playing of our boys.

The U13B played together with the U16B. A striking fact was the total amount of goals. In total, the U13B and U16B played 10 games and they scored 45 goals. That means the average number of goals was 4,5 per game. At the end team Blue was the winner of the 3v3 tournament because they won their final with 5-0.

FGCDL FC U11G, U13G & U16G - Two different winners

During the group stage, the girls played well. The intensity of the game was pretty high, and they scored a lot of goals. At the end team Blue wins the final of team Orange. At the other field we had a final between Green and Orange, and at the other field team Green wins the final with 1-0 because one of the players hit the ball in the box.