FGCDL FC U8E very excited after their first win

FGCDL FC U8E very excited after their first win

Cape Coral, February 13th - Last weekend Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC U8E played at the I-75 Shootout. They won 2 games on the first day and scored 7 times. The U11B played a great friendly game against Cape Coral FC, and the other teams played against each other.

FGCDL FC U8E - This is how winning looks like

The U8E showed a great performance last weekend. The first game the opponent didn't show up. Coach Vincent decided to play a mutual match. The organization arranged the U8 won their first game with 4-0.

The second game they had to play against CCSA. Everybody was very excited for this match. The U8E played as a real team, and they won their game with 3-1. The pass from Matthew and the goal of Jonathan were the highlights of the match.

On Sunday they played against a strong opponent. The passing and dribbling of the U8E were good, but not enough to win the game. Looking back at the weekend the U8E had a great experience at the I-75 Shootout and they can keep going on with improving themselves.

FGCDL FC U11B - Great friendly game against Cape Coral FC

The U11B played a friendly game against Cape Coral FC. Unfortunately, they lost 2-1, but they played a good game with great possessioning and many shots on goal. All players had a good experience, some of them played at new positions, and they did excellently. The highlight of the game was the goal of Julian that hits the crossbar twice before it hits the net.

FGCDL FC - Friendly games

Teams in our Youth Academy played games against each other. Everybody saw good goals and a lot of fun by all the players. For example, the U16G and the U13G played in mixed teams against each other. In an exciting game between both teams, coach Jouko won with his team.

Next week the U10B and the U13B will play a tournament in Orlando.