FGCDL FC U10B wins Bazooka Presidents Day Tournament

FGCDL FC U10B wins Bazooka Presidents Day Tournament

Cape Coral, February 20, 2017 - What a great weekend for several Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC teams. Our U10B won their first tournament this season. The U13B reached the championship game but came up a bit short in overtime after a 2-2 score.

FGCDL FC  U10B - Winner of the tournament in the last minute

The first game of the U10B team was Saturday morning. The second half was much better than the first half. Julian took his shot from outside the box, and he scored the first goal. After the first goal, Reed copied Julian's shot, and he also scored from outside the box. Eventually, they lost their first game with 3-2, so they needed to win their second game. The opponent was a new travelling team, so this was their first tournament. The final score was 19-0. The highlight of the game was MacKenzie who scored 5 straight goals and had a total of 7 goals.

On Sunday the team played the semi-final. It was an amazing game of the U10B. A lot of good passes and beautiful combinations rested in 8 goals! It was also the second clean sheet for goalkeeper Mason. It wasn't the first time the U10B reached the finals, but you could see they were a bit nervous. On the sideline, all the parents looked at the exciting game. Both teams played very well, and they didn't want to make mistakes. In the dying seconds, Julian took his shot on goal, and he scored the 5-4. After the kick off the referee blew his whistle and the U10B won their first tournament.

FGCDL FC U13B - a great comeback this tournament

The U13B started their tournament with a game against Kissimmee United. They had to make a comeback in the second half. By half time the score was 1-3 for the opponent. In the last minute of the game, Christian was tackled by the defender, and the referee decided to give a penalty kick. Noah took the penalty kick and scored his second goal of the match. The final score was 3-3.

The second game the U13B was excellent. Great combinations, good defense and they created a lot of chances during the match. They played as a real team, and that's why they deserved to win the game with 4-1. The highlight of the game was the goal of Andreas. With 4 points they were the winner of the bracket, and that meant they got a ticket to the final on Sunday. On Sunday they tried to play like the day before, but they were unlucky with the passing and scoring. Three minutes before the end of the game the opponent made the 1-2. The U13B had to give all their energy to make the equalizer. In the dying seconds the ball came outside the box and Ty decided to took a shot, and he scored phenomenally. The whole team was celebrating that goal on the ground because the referee blew the whistle and they reached overtime. In overtime, they did not have enough energy to win the match. But still, the team had a fantastic tournament.

We want to thank all the parents for their support during this tournament.

Next week our Youth Academy plays a 3v3 tournament at Jim Jeffers Park.