Menno Vermeer renews his contract at FGCDL FC

Menno Vermeer renews his contract at FGCDL FC

Cape Coral, 19 January 2017-  The Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC is happy to announce that Menno Vermeer renewed his contract for an unlimited time.

Menno Vermeer started in September 2015 as a community manager and is now the academy manager of the Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC Youth Academy. Besides that he is the coach of the U9E and the U15B.

Vincent de Weger is pleased with the renewal of the contract: “Menno improved himself a lot in the last years. He is great with the younger but also with the older players in the Youth Academy. Besides that, he is a real asset to the office side.”

“With the renewing of the contract of Menno we keep the consitency in the club. Menno is here already for a longer period and is well know in the academy. He is not only important at the field, but also at the office.” Added Jouko Gorissen.

Menno is happy with his new contract. “In the last half a year I saw a lot of progression with the club and with the players. And I want to keep going on with developing the players in the academy.”

In the upcoming weeks we will announce more exciting news about the club.

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