FGCDL FC did community work during the Christmas break

FGCDL FC did community work during the Christmas break

Cape Coral, January 6, 2017 - The Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC coaches truly showed the Christmas spirit over the winter break. The coaches went to Vietnam and Brazil to do community work.

Coach Vincent went to Vietnam during the Christmas break. During his trip in Vietnam he went to the Tan Tiem Hamlet School. At the school, coach Vincent gave a clinic to 100 children (all students).During the clinic he taught them the basics of dribbling and shooting. At the end of the clinic he gave the school 17 official game jerseys, cones, and pennies.


Coach Jouko went to Rio de Janeiro. In Rio de Janeiro coach Jouko went to the Favela Santa Marta. The favela is famous for the visit of Michael Jackson, but also for the Fast and Furious movie which was recorded there. In the favela, Jouko spoke about the impact of soccer in the life of the children and the opportunities soccer can provide them with. Coach Jouko gave an official game jersey to the favela and signed the wall. The game jersey was given to the spokesperson of the favela, who works with various projects to enhance living conditions for its population.


The FGCDL FC is happy to have given something back to society during the Christmas break. In the places the coaches visited, it is unusual for people to be able to play soccer and have a bright future due to numerous unfortunate conditions. Through their visits representing the club, the coaches brought hope to those people, hope that they can have a good future.

The FGCDL FC will continue over the Spring Season with their community work and with showing what the Orange Family is, not only in Cape Coral, but also around the world. The Spring Season will start again the 9th of January when all the coaches have returned from their Christmas break.