Great improvement by all teams last Saturday

Great improvement by all teams last Saturday

Cape Coral, December 12, 2016 - Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC had a full schedule at Jim Jeffers Park this weekend with games vs Cape Coral FC and All Stars Academy.

The U8E and the U8PD (Pre-Development) kicked off the weekend with their games. For the U8PD it was their first game ever. A group with 4,5 and 6 year olds who just started playing soccer. They played 5v5 on a small field. The U8E played against the U8 of Cape Coral FC and showed their improvement. Compared to games in the last few months, they spread out well, had good movement and showed some good passing.

The U8D (Development) won their first game of this year with 6-0. A good group of young players who showed their recent development. Good job boys!

The U9E played against Cape Coral FC U9. At half-time it was 3-0 for Cape Coral FC, but the U9E didn’t give up. They came back to 3-3. Unfortunately they lost with 5-4 in a great game from both sides.

The U10B played their best game until now. With great passing, movements, and attacks they didn’t give the opponent any chances. At the end, the score was 4-0, but it could have been even higher.

The U13B played against All Stars Academy. They started well in the first quarter with a lot of pressure and created a lot of chances. In the second quarter they got scored on a few times with the game ending in 3-1 for the All Stars Academy.

The U11G played against the U9D. It was an good game to watch. When the U11G tried to pass and spread out they often couldn’t because of the good pressure of the U9D. With a score of 4-1 for the U11G both teams should be proud of about the way they played.


The U16B played a game against the U16 of Cape Coral FC. They played well, but missed several chances in the first half and ended up losing the game.

This week is the last week of practice before our Christmas break starts. The teams start practicing again on January 9, 2017.