3v3 tournament to end Fall Season 2016

3v3 tournament to end Fall Season 2016

Cape Coral, December 18th - Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions had their last event of the 2016 season. The season ended with a 3v3 tournament for all age groups.

In the early morning the first teams came to Ida Baker Highschool to play their 3v3 tournament, after that the other teams came all divided in their own time slot to the fields. During the tournament the coaches saw a lot of the things they taught the players during the practices. A lot of pullbacks, scissors and above all good combinations. The players scored great goals, showed their skills and worked hard for each other.


The end of the year ended as the rest of the season. The whole Orange Family together playing soccer and watching games. In the last half a year the club got a big growth in numbers. FGCDL FC went during the Fall season from 10 teams to 13 teams. The players developed a lot and the coaches saw every week more improvement. The staff looks forward to the upcoming half a year with tournaments, games and other events for the Youth Academy.


The season will start again the 9th of January of 2017 with the practices and the teams will participate at the Dimitri Cup during the weekends of January. Out of name of the FGCDL FC we want to wish you a great holiday and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.