A diverse, but good weekend for FGCDL FC Youth Academy

A diverse, but good weekend for FGCDL FC Youth Academy

Cape Coral, November 14th- The FGCDL FC had various activities and games this weekend.

During the week, the had player-parent-coach meetings in which players were individually evaluated and had conversations about their development. The main points that were mentioned in each player's evaluation will be worked on during practice in the upcoming weeks.


On Saturday, the U9E and the U10B played against Lehigh Acres. The U9E played against a combination of U9 and U10 team. They had great combinations in defense and midfield but forgot to make the final passes to score. The FGCDL FC U9E deserve more than the 3-1 loss.


The U10B played against Lehigh's U10, a team they had previously faced. The U10 also had great combinations, but lacked power when approaching the goal. Even though the FGCDL FC played well, Lehigh's win was well-deserved with a final score of 3-1.

The U11G, U13G, U15B, U16G, and U17B had tactical practice at the office. During this practice, they were shown what to do when in ball possession, when the ball is loss, and when switching sides. The players were also shown different ways to build up from the back. These tactics will be implemented in field practices.
The FGCDL FC would like to give a special mention to Michael Smith for his outstanding input during the U15B's tactical practice.


On the upcoming weekend, most teams will play against the Elite Soccer Academy at Jim Jeffers Park. Also, the FGCDL FC will have its second fundraiser of the season at Fathom's Bar and Restaurant on Saturday, November 19th, starting at 6pm.