FGCDL FC 3v3 Tournament November 5th

FGCDL FC 3v3 Tournament November 5th

Cape Coral, October 28th- Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC will organize a 3v3 tournament for their Youth Academy Players on November 5th at Jim Jeffers Park.

This 3v3 tournament is set up for player development and to have fun together.  For this tournament, we made 3 brackets: U8-U9, U10-U13, and U15-U17. Girls and boys will be playing together. We have made a time schedule and expect every player to be there on time. This means: you have to be there at least 15 minutes before the 3v3 tournament for your age!

The teams will be made by the coaches according to team quality. It will be done in such way because the goal of this tournament is to have fun and to play at least 3 games.

Time schedule:

U8-U9                                                8:45am – 11am                                8:30am at Jim Jeffers Park

U10-U13                                            10:45am – 1pm                                10:30am at Jim Jeffers Park

U15-U17                                             12:45pm – 3pm                               12:30pm at Jim Jeffers Park

Every player has to check in by Coach Davy Hendriks, so he can see if they are all there in order for us to have no problems with the organization of the tournament and the teams!



As you can see in our time schedule we have three different age groups. We want to take care of a good quality tournament for our players in combination with a lot of fun. Because we can’t handle this all by ourselves we want to ask you to help us. We’re looking for 6 till 8 referees for each age group. At every field there will be one of the coaches to help the teams with the substitutions.

If you want to help us being a referee this tournament please let the coach of your kids team know! Every referee will get the tournament rules by e-mail as well as a little introduction on the day of the tournament (30 minutes before the start of each age group).