3rd Orange Family Event: Openingsday

3rd Orange Family Event: Openingsday

Cape Coral, September 29, 2016 – Our season is now running for 6 weeks and we already did a lot of fun stuff. But what is more fun then playing a kids vs parents game? It's happening during our Openingsday.

Our 3rd Orange Family Event will start October 8th at 4pm. The next 4 hours we have kids vs parents games, a grill out and several other games for our kids and parents. FGCDL FC will organize Openingsday at Jim Jeffers Park.



This event is open for our FGCDL FC Youth Academy players and parents. The coaches of the teams will join the parents in their game against the children. Our U8 till U12 play a scrimmage on a half field. Our U13 till U17 teams play their scrimmage on a full field.

You want to join? Sign up as quick as possibly by your coach.