Successful FGCDL FC team meetings

Successful FGCDL FC team meetings

Cape Coral, August 12 2016 - The season is about to start! Therefore FGCDL FC held team meetings this week with all 12 FGCDL FC Youth Academy teams to introduce the coaches, players and give every parent and player information about the upcoming season.

Daan Uithof started all the meetings with an opening speech about the new coaches, program assistants and the development that the club has had over the last year. After introducing all players to the group CEO Mike Mossel explained more about the development philosophy of the club to all attendees. What do we focus on at what age group and how do we safeguard our philosophy.

After this Vincent de Weger announced the sponsor for every team. Besides announcing SP Designs (front of game jerseys) and Cambio Dermatology (front of training jerseys) almost every team has it's own sponsor on the back of the game jersey.

Daan continued the meeting with information about all activities (such as 2 player-coach-parent meetings, the minimum of 3 video analysis sessions and 8 Orange Family Events), parent and player code of conduct, tournaments, gear, fees, weather alerts and the Parent Council Group. All the meetings were full of energy and the players are excited to start training next week.

Juan Carlos Miranda, father of Juan Carlos Jr. of the U10 Boys said the following about the team meeting: "I loved the continuity, discipline and aspirations during the meeting. Me and my family are looking forward to season two and being part of the Orange Family".

Can't wait to start Monday? Join our trainingschool tomorrow! It's also an opportunity to try-out for one of our Youth Academy teams.

We start 9.30am at Jim Jeffers Park. You can sign up here.