Great 3v3 tournament to start 2016-17 season

Great 3v3 tournament to start 2016-17 season

Cape Coral, August 28, 2016 - Saturday August 27 FGCDL FC organized a 3v3 tournament to start the 2016-2017 season. It turned out to be 3.5 hours of great soccer, lots of fun and at the end, three deserved winners!

The players gathered around 8.45am at Jim Jeffers Park to play their first games of the tournament. The players were divided in three groups: U8-9 (MLS teams), U10-13 (Countries) and U14-17 (European teams). Girls and Boys were mixed. At 9.10am the first game started and the players were excited. During the training sessions of the past two weeks, the emphasis was mainly on dribbling, passing and teamplay. The FGCDL FC coaching staff was pleased to see a lot of the things back that they focused on in the first weeks of the season. In all the three age groups they saw beautiful combinations and individual actions.

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By 11am the players finished their bracket games and Coaches and Program Assistants Menno, Daan, Danilo and Vincent
announced the final games. The tournament was mainly focused on fun and games, but there were also trophies to win. The finals were amazing to watch and then especially the final of the U14-17. A match that went between three boys against three girls. A blistering penalty shootout ended with the boys winning. Germany won on the other field vs the Netherlands at the U10-13 bracket and FC Toronto won at the U8-9 bracket.

Finally Vincent asked the most important question: "Did you had fun?". All the players responded with a big "yes!". Like Katrina Tracy, player of the U16 Girls team, said: "I had a lot of fun today".

FGCDL FC wants to thank all the players for their efforts on the field and all the parents for their help making this another great Orange Family event with the whole FGCDL FC Youth Academy.

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