Extra opportunity to be a pro soccer player

Extra opportunity to be a pro soccer player

Cape Coral, September 1st, 2016 -  Dribbling, passing and scoring are important components in our Youth Academy. During the trainingschool every player gets extra attention to develop these skills. 


Our trainingschool is every Friday at Jim Jeffers Park. This an opportunity for everyone to get an extra practice. During the trainingschool we work on dribbling, passing and shooting. We start at 5.30pm at Jim Jeffers Park and work an hour with the players! The cost are $10 for 1 practice and you can sign up here or on the field!


At this moment we still have open spots for several teams.  During the week we accept new players at our practices. If you want to join our club or want to try-out, please contact Daan Uithof (239-309-9786).

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