Danilo Cortes new Coach at our Youth Academy

Danilo Cortes new Coach at our Youth Academy

Cape Coral August 7th- The Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC is very pleased to announce that Danilo CortesĀ has joined the FGCDL FC Youth Academy Program. FGCDLFC spoke with Danilo Cortes.

FGCDLFC: Who're you, where are you from and what is your soccer expercience?

Danilo: My name is Danilo Cortes (Dan) I'm originally from Colombia, and moved to the states at the age of 13. I have played in college and for the New Jersey ODP. Most recently I played in our own Dutch Lions Men's team.

FGCDLFC: How did you first get involved with FGCDLFC??

Dan: I first heard about the Dutch Lions in a news article when the project was announced as future plans for a soccer academy coming in the area, then a friend made contact with the team and told me about tryouts, which to me was an easy decision to make. I knew I wanted to be a part of theĀ orange family and that this was a place where I knew my sons were going to get the best in coaching and grow as players.

FGCDLFC: What is your role in the Youth Academy next season and what're your ambitions?

Dan: My role first and foremost is going to be to pass on as much of my knowledge of the game as I can to develop our academy players with the Dutch philosophy that has proven to be a success and powerhouse in world soccer, while at the same time bring a mix of Latin American flavor and passion. I'm here to support the club in what they need me to. My ambitions are to grow with the club and represent not only the club but also the city of Cape Coral, its people and South West Florida as a serious organization that wants to be involved in our youths development and involvement in the beautiful game that is soccer.

FGCDLFC: What are your expectations for next season?

Dan: My expectations for the season and for many to come are to grow as a coach with the guidance from the rest of the staff and to bring a fun and safe learning environment to both kids and parents where they feel from day one, how I have felt, which is that of being a part of an orange family. I'm looking for seasons where kids can learn and become better players. For them to gain skills not only on the field but also a people. To be team players, for them to learn to care for each other and to love the game of soccer.