FGCDLFC player is going to play with several Dutch Pro teams

FGCDLFC player is going to play with several Dutch Pro teams

Cape Coral, August 1 2016 - Antonio Garcia, player of our U15 Boys, is flying to The Netherlands this thursday to play with several pro teams. FGCDLFC spoke with him about this exciting trip.

FGCDLFC: Tell me something about yourself?

I’m Antonio Garcia and I’m 15 years old. I attend Cape Coral High School, where I’m a sophomore.  I play soccer at my school in the IB program.  Speaking about soccer, I’ve played club soccer since I was 7 years old and the last season I played for the FGCDLFC.

FGCDLFC: How did you heard about FGCDLFC?

My family and I saw a news clip on WINK and went to the website to learn more. We visited the club in person and spoke with the coaches, and liked what we saw and decided to join the club. We were impressed with their commitment to a higher level of tactical and technical skills training and development of the players.

FGCDLFC: Which team did you play for last year?

I played on the U15 boys team, where I was the goalkeeper. My experience with the club and the team last year was that I was pleased with the way we trained and played. The coaching and club philosophy was so much better then I experienced before.

FGCDLFC: What do you expect from your trip to Europe?

I expect a higher level of playing. It’s going to be better than over here. Especially the field conditions will be better. Besides that, being there in general will be incredible. I hope that I get better by playing and learning from the players that I’m going to be with. The whole experience will give me more skills.

FGCDLFC: What do you expect from your trip to Europe beside soccer?

A lot of sightseeing, going to new places and getting to know the local people and their culture. The food will be new for me so that will be interesting. I looked up on Google Maps where the house is and its look like a farm area.  I’m very interested in that.

FGCDLFC: How long are you going to stay there?

10 days, so I have enough time to experience everything. My plane will arrive in Dusseldorf, so the trip back to my new house there, will be special.

FGCDLFC: What tips from the coaches of FGCDLFC will you use there?

A lot from my goalkeeper coach Klaas Boersma. He taught me how to pinpoint the timing of my throws and passes to my teammates, and how to use my body better for blocking.  I’m going to use the tips about communication also. And I’m definitely going to show my foot work.  But besides that I hope to grow as a player.

FGCDLFC: How can we follow you?

I’ll take pictures from the adventure I have over there. Vincent de Weger will post them on our Instagram page. I will do my best to send him pictures every day.

FGCDLFC: Do you have something to say?

I would like to thank Klaas Boersma for his training and guidance, and acknowledging my skills as a goalkeeper.  Thank you also to Mike Mossel and the staff at Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions for this once in a lifetime opportunity.  It will forever have a positive impact on my life & soccer career.

Antonio 2