3v3 Bring-a-Friend Tournament August 27th

3v3 Bring-a-Friend Tournament August 27th

Cape Coral August 3rd- On August 27th FGCDLFC is hosting their 2nd 3v3 Bring-a-Friend Tournament at Jim Jeffers Park.

All the kids from our Youth Academy are invited to bring their friends to this 3v3 Bring-a-Friend Tournament. Every player is allowed to create his own team and to create his own team name. We have a prize for the most orginal team name and team outfit.

We start the day at 9am with brackets in several ages groups (for boys and girls). The games will be 20 minutes long. After the brackets we have semi-finals and ofcourse a final. Which team will win our second 3v3 Bring-a-Friend Tournament?

The prize for a team will be $10. If you want to sign up for only one person it’s $5. We’ll make teams with players that signed up alone or we add you at a sign up of two players. To sign up for two players it cost $10.

You can signed up here!