Soccercamp #3 rated by the parents and players with 9.4

Soccercamp #3 rated by the parents and players with 9.4

Cape Coral, July 25 2016- Last Friday was the final day of our summer soccercamp. More than 20 players showed a great development on dribbling, passing and tactics.

Our third soccercamp was held at Jim Jeffers Park and started every day at 9.00am. During a three hour training the kids practiced their dribbling, shooting, passing, 1vs1 and fun games. Every day we ended our practice with a scrimmage, where they showed their improvements of the day.

At the final day we had a surprise for the players.  All the players had to bring a bottle to the practice. They filled up their bottles and played bottle soccer. Defend your bottle, but at the same time dribble through the field and hit somebody else their bottle. Watching the smile on their faces, we think they really liked it. After bottle soccer Coach Menno had for every player a certificate a with the congratulation of the accomplishment of the soccercamp.

They parents and players rated our soccercamp with a 9.4 for communication, a 9.6 for the coaching of our coaches, a 9.2 for the drills and 9.4 for the camp. Dribbling, fun games and scrimmages were the most fun exercises according to the players. We’re very pleased with these ratings and we will continue to develop our camps.

Like we said in our news article from last Saturday we start the fall season in 2 weeks. But August 1st we start with our fourth soccercamp at Jim Jeffers Park. You can train your skill moves five days in a row under the guidance of our Dutch coaches.  If you sign up for Wednesday July 27th 11.59 pm, you get $20 discount. You pay then $75 instead of $95. You can sign up here:

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