FGCDL FC travel East to play Boca Raton

FGCDL FC travel East to play Boca Raton

Cape Coral, June 13 2016 – The Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC Men’s team (3-3-1) is facing Boca Raton Monday June 13 at 5:00pm in Coral Springs, and is looking to end the season with a victory.

With three wins in a row, the Dutch Lions FC team is confident to win their last game of the season as well although they are playing against a strong opponent. It was an good season for the Lions already, with a difficult start (0-3-1) but followed by a constant development towards their current play style and winning the last three games and recording three shutouts as well. The team is looking to end the season with another win and therefore a winning record in their inaugural year.

Daan Uithof, the new Academy Director who arrived from the Netherlands yesterday, is traveling with the team today. His thoughts on the game were:  "As we want to play with all our teams, I expect a good organization on the field and a possession game. It will also be interesting for me to see the level of the current players towards next year, looking at our plans to play in a League".

The following players were selected for today’s match:  Jahdea Gildin, Brenden Bryan, Olivier Benedict, John Teeter, Matthew de Sanctis, Danilo A. Cortes, Menno Vermeer, Wilfredo Alvarez, Andre Blanco, Simon Zeise, Alvis Ortega, Daniel Anderson, Oscar Camacho, Davian "Bobo" Cranston and David Antunez.

The game starts at 5:00PM and will be played in Cypress Park in Coral Springs.