FGCDL FC wins inaugural home match vs Kraze United (2-0)

FGCDL FC wins inaugural home match vs Kraze United (2-0)

Cape Coral, May 16 2016 – The Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC Men's team played their first home game in front of 400 people against Kraze United. The Lions picked up their second straight win beating Kraze United 2-0.

Kick-off of the first ever home game of the Men's team was at 5pm but around 4PM the first people started coming into the stadium of Island Coast High School. At the gate all kids received a team poster of the Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC and a t-shirt with the inaugural match on it.




Around 5PM the stadium had around 400 people in attendance cheering for the Lions to win their first ever home game. The players walked on the field together with the U8 and U9 players of the FGCDL FC youth academy. All the other teams formed a "human tunnel" for both teams entering the pitch. Before the game started the national anthem was sang by Natasha Cabernite. With a standing ovation by the crowd she kicked off a great afternoon for the Dutch Lions FC.




The Lions started the game playing very organized. John Teeter and Matthew de Sanctis gave the team instructions from the back and gave the strikers the sign when to pressure. With Roy Kemna, Daniel Anderson and Oscar Camacho in front, the defense of Kraze United had a lot of difficulties to keep them under control although no major chances were created. With an equal match the score was still scoreless at half time.

During halftime academy manager Klaas Boersma performed a dribbling and cutting exercise to the crowd with several players from the FGCDL FC youth academy players.

The second half started with several opportunities for the Lions building up from the back. The biggest chance came when goalkeeper Jahdea Gildin passed to central defender John Teeter, who passed the ball to Oscar Camacho. Oscar gave the ball to Roy Kemna but his shot went over the goal. The Lions however gained more and more control over the game. The next chance came when Matthew de Sanctis gave the ball to central midfielder Wilfredo Alvarez, who sent Daniel Anderson into space. Daniel went one on one with the goalie, but his shot was saved keeping the game at 0-0.


Coach Ronald de Boer made some changes in the line-up and (under loud cheering) brought academy coaches Menno Vermeer, Klaas Boersma and Jouko Gorissen into the team, putting even more pressure on the defense of Kraze United. In the 70th minute the Lions got a free kick on the left side of the field. Wilfredo Alvarez brought the ball in the box and Oscar Camacho tried to head the ball on target. At the moment he tried to head it he got a push in his back. The referee whistled and awarded the Lions a penalty kick. John Teeter, captain of the team, took his responsibility and scored the 1-0 in the right corner.



Not long after the 1-0 it was Bobo that was sent deep by one of the midfielders. Bobo went around the goalie and wasn’t selfish. He gave the ball to Alvis Ortega who finished it for the 2-0. Great goal and great teamwork. Alvis got the crowd even more excited showing a cartwheel while celebrated his goal.

Kraze United tried to put some extra pressure on the defense of the Lions but they could not score anymore. With a big applause the players thanked the people that came out to the game. After the final whistle all the kids came on the field to get their free team posters signed by the players. It was a half an hour with a lot of pictures, signatures and huge smiles on the kids' faces making the game something to remember .




Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC: Gildin (Boersma 60’), Blanco (Gorissen 65’), Teeter, De Sanctis, Benedict (Cortes 75’), Cano (Medina 30’), Alvarez, Ortega, Anderson (Vermeer 60’), Kemna('Bobo' 70'), Camacho


Next game: on wednesday May 18 the Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC Men's team plays their next game against IMG (USL PDL) in Bradenton. The game starts at 6PM.