Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC earns 1-0 victory against the IMG academy

Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC earns 1-0 victory against the IMG academy

Cape Coral, May 12 2016 – The Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC Men’s team played their 5th game of the season against the IMG academy in Bradenton. The Lions took the lead in the early minutes of the game and kept the lead.

From the first minute the Dutch Lions had the control of the game. After 5 minutes the Dutch Lions took the lead after a great attack. Central defender Matthew de Sanctis passed the ball in to the midfield to Wilfredo Alvarez. Wilfredo opened the ball to the left side where left back Jouko Gorissen came up. He cut the ball back to the inside and gave the ball to striker David Antunez. David crossed the ball to the other side of the box. Right forward Roy Kemna controlled the ball and finished it cool, 1-0 for the Lions at the IMG academy. After that there were multiple chances for the Dutch Lions, but they were unlucky in the finishing. At the end of the first half the IMG got their first chance with a shot from 30 yards.

In the second half the teams started the same as the first half. With attacking soccer the Dutch Lions tried to keep the control. The wingers went deep the whole game, the full backs came up, the midfielders sent them and the two central defenders kept the control in the back. In the 60th minute Daniel Anderson was sent and he went passed the goalie. The goalie touched his legs and Daniel was without balance, but the referee didn’t give a penalty kick. In the 80th minute there was a great shot from distance by Wilfredo Alvarez, but he hit the post. Still 1-0 for the Dutch Lions. In the last minute the IMG got a free kick. The goalie of the IMG went forward and headed the ball on goal. But Klaas Boersma could save easily. Directly he passed the ball to Roy Kemna, he gave the ball to Oscar Camacho. Oscar passed the goalie and gave the ball to Roy. But his shot on open goal got saved by a defender. Directly after the referee gave his final whistle. What a game for the Lions with a win against the IMG academy.

The first home game is May 15 at 5pm when they play Kraze United at Island Coast High School. You can purchase tickets for the game at fgcdlfc.com


Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC: Gildin (Boersma 65’), Gorissen (Medina 65’), Teeter, De Sanctis, Benedict (Blanco 65’), Cano (Zeise 70’), Alvarez, Cammacho (Ortega 45’), Anderson(Cortes 75’), Antunez, Kemna