Team of the week, week 6

Team of the week, week 6

Hereby the team of the week of week 5. We are proud to say that Brayden Cathey is the player of the week! He made the winning goal in the game versus FC Sarasota (1-0 win).

Team of the Week 6

Antonio Garcia-Castro, he had some amazing safes to have a clean sheet.

Julian Smith, played a real good game versus the Adrenalines and was a treat for the other team the whole game, as defender but also as attacker.

Pedro Corech, played outstanding defense and stopped some dangerous attacks at the right moment.

Annabelle Barbot, played her first game with the U11G and was amazing in the defense by stopping some dangerous attacks with her fast speed. A real good first game.

Anjelica Murillo, she worked really hard the whole game.

Makenna Wagner, was every time on the right spot at the right place, had some good attacking plays to with nice passing.

Bennet Cathey, had some really good solo's during his game on Thursday and created lots of changes for the u8 Dutch Lions.

Brayden Cathey, was the match winner in the game for the U15B against fc Sarasota. Made the only goal in the game.

Kayla Sandel, created some real good chances for the U15G, and scored a goal for the U15G (referee didn't see it was over the line).

Thomas Castano, was the key in a lot of attacks from the Dutch Lions U9 by using some good passing.

Thurnburn Botterill, scored a goal and had some good actions to create changes for his team.