Academy Team of the Week (7)

Academy Team of the Week (7)

Cape Coral, April 28, 2016 - The FGCDL FC coaching staff has selected the Academy Team of the Week for week 7. The Player of the Week is Avery Amaral. She scored two goals in the game of the U8!

Team of the Week 7

Elizabeth Woolf (U15 Girls): gave the team confidence by backing the team from the back with some good safes.

Nicholas Bertoni (U8): made some good tackles and helped by giving pressure over the right wing and great effort to secure the win.

Kayla Sandell (U15 Girls): had a tremendous impact on defense, played excellent tactically.

Anjelica Murillo (U8): has been a real "wall" for the opposition. Great defending.  Besides that if she won the ball back, she always gave a good pass.

Maya Abdel Rhim (U15 Girls): had a high work rate and she influenced the performance of the team very positively.

Emma Angus (U8): had a very good touch on the ball, and played some accurate passes. Scored the first goal of the season for U8 2!

Brooke Schaal (U11 Girls): was a real threat for the opponent due to her speed.

Benett Cathey (U8): played a great game on the right wing creating a lot of threat with his great dribbles and speed.

Avery Amaral (U8): was constantly putting pressure on the defense and had some good runs. Besides that he also scored 2 goals!

Samantha Garcia (U15 Girls): was the "creative brain" of the team with a great vision and started most of the attacks.

Makenna Wagner (U11): had a high work rate on the left wing and put some nice crosses into the penalty box. Also scored a goal.