Danilo A Cortes newest member men’s team

Danilo A Cortes newest member men’s team

Today, April 8th 2016, we present to you our newest signing, Danilo A Cortes.


Danilo is 35 years old and played for NJ ODP and the Marine Corps Base team. General Manager Jouko Gorissen is happy with this signing “Danilo is a player who brings a lot of experience in the team. He is a local and has his kids in the academy. Great to see that a member of the Orange Family made the team.”

Danilo A Cortes is originally from Colombia. He went to the Hackettstown High school in New Jersey and to Hodges university. During his career Danilo had one big moment in soccer. That moment was his total high school career. Danilo has also two kids in the academy of the Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC.

For this season Danilo his expectation is that the team will play some high level games against great competition and to learn from it.