Team of the week

The first gameweek is over and we reviewed the players. We came to the following team of the week:

Team of the Week 1

Colton Lamb: Played as a substitute goalie and as a defender. Both positions he did perfect. That is why we choose him as the player of the week

Lola Ehrhardt: First half she played without any mistake as a defender and the second half she played as a midfielder and scored the first goal of the season for the U11 Girls.

Bautista Correch: Played a good first half, second half he almost scored with a header.

Jenna Mazzoli: Was a leader in the defense and choose the right moment to dribble in to the midfield.

Emma Woolf: First half she had a good possibility to score while she was playing on the left midfield position. Second half she played defense and got hit from 3 feet right in her face. But she played on without any complains.

Makenna Wagner: This striker of the U11 Girls was unlucky with the finishing, but was strong on the ball.

Joshua Wiese: Joshua showed that he reads the game. In ball possesion he was calm and while the opponent had the ball he was always in the right position.

Mackenzy Cortes: With his technique he was a plague for the opponent.

Austin Zanni: He scored the first goal for the U8 boys team.

Lhegend Carter: Played a good match with the U12.