Team of the week

Team of the week

Hereby the Team of the week of week 3. We are proud to say that Bennett Cathey is our player of the week. This attacker of the U8 played a brilliant match last weekend!

Team of the Week 3

Jacob Smith: The goalie of the U8 team played two great matches and had a couple of great saves.

Gabriel Casas: Gabriel played a solid match with the U15 boys

Mason Holt: After last week player of the week he played another great match for the U9 boys.

Lola Ehrhardt: Lola was the first half the lock on the defense for the U11 girls.

Coco Miranda: Coco played a good match with the U9 boys. He was defensive strong.

Jenna Mazzoli: As a midfielder she gave a couple of good passes and gave an assist for the first goal of the team.

Collin Wagner: His first match with the U15 boys and showed directly that he was a good recruit for the team.

Austin Zanni: Scored three goals with the U8 against Surge, the number 1 in the league.

Bennet Cathey: Bennet was one of the reasons the team won their match. Was great in ball possesion and was the one that put pressure on the right moment of the game.

Alex Murillo: Scored 3 goals in his match with the U9.

Jackson Smith: This youngster played his first match with the U8 and played 2 good matches.