General Parent Meeting big success

General Parent Meeting big success

Tuesday the 8th of March we held our General Parent Meeting. During this meeting all the parents came to the Cape Coral Association of Realtors to listen and discuss about the future of the club.

The meeting started with a presentation of Simon Hochstenbach, business development director of the Dutch Lions Capital Group. He gave an analysis of the survey  that all the parents filled out in the last few months. During the analysis all the good and less good parts of the club were discussed. Some things that were mentioned were the family atmosphere, the great events and the high quality of the coaches. Overall the parents gave the club an 8.7 average!

After the survey the upcoming events were pointed out and explained. There will be a bowling tournament the 9th of April and we will celebrate a typically Dutch national day named Kingsday. Kingsday is the celebration of the birthday of the king of the Netherlands during this day we will do all kind of Dutch games to celebrate this. It will be held the 7th of May.


Not only Orange Family events were discussed, also the soccer related events were on the agenda. One of the events is the Spring break camp. This will be held from the 28th of March until the 1st of April. During the summer we will also organize a 3v3 program for all the kids. This is not only for Dutch Lions children but open for everyone. And the Tryouts came to discussion. They are now planned for the 14th of May and the 21st of May. Also the men’s team was on the agenda. At the end of this part we mentioned that all the members of the Dutch Lions can go free to the matches of the men’s team.

After that the future and the philosophy of the club were the main topic. We spoke out that we want to have a premier team and a development team in the future for every age group, like we do now in the U8.  Also the communication on Whattsapp was discussed. The staff asked the parents if they like the Whattsapp group and what they like and dislike about it. They came up with some extra rules to keep it informational.

The last part of the General Parent Meeting was a casestudy for all the parents. The parents had to  make groups of 10 and had to brainstorm about different marketing ideas to connect  more people to the club. The parents came up with some great ideas that will help the club for the future.


Overall the parents thought the meeting was fantastic. They really liked the updates and involvements. They think the interaction with the kids is absolutely amazing and that this season has been a breath of fresh air.