Alvis Ortega first men’s team player

Alvis Ortega first men’s team player

Today, march 18 2016, we present our first player for the men’s team, Alvis Odin Ortega.


Alvis is 38 years old and played for the Cape Coral Hurricanes. Academy Manager Klaas Boersma is happy with this signing “Alvis is a player who brings a lot of experience in the team. That is one of the things we need for this season.”

Alvis Odin Ortega is originally from Panama. He went to the Pennsauken High school and to the Alabama A&M university. During his career Alvis had a lot of great moments in soccer, but his best moment is when he trained with the national team of Panama. Alvis is also the owner of his own soccer school named ‘The way of soccer’.

For this season Alvis his expectation is that the team will play some great soccer and great matches.