FGCDLFC Game Reports 7th of November

FGCDLFC Game Reports 7th of November

Below are the game reports of the 7th of November, the U15B wins there first point of the league, the U15G wins in a friendly game against Immokalee Highschool. The two U8 teams played against each other. Unfortunately the U11G and U9B games where cancelled due lightning. The U12B lost against the Knights.

U8 team 1 plays against U8 team 2

The second game between both U8 Dutch Lions teams called for a good fight within training partners. Team 2 started strong with two breakaways by Mackenzy making the score 2-0 before the first water break. All Dutch Lions were fighting for the ball and making good combinations plays, but team 2 concluded more opportunities than team 1. They scored two more goals with a great finish by Troy, making the score 4-0 before the reply by team 1 scored by Nicholas following good passing execution. Team 1 kept knocking the ball around, forcing plays forward and missing good chances, while Bennet and Mackenzy scored 2 more goals for team 2. The effort from both teams was outstanding, definitely setting up for an amazing final game between our two Dutch Lions teams in a couple weeks.



U15B ties after exciting game

The U15 boys were facing the Naples Lions at Jim Jeffers to begin the afternoon. The Dutch Lions kicked off the game trying to impose their style of play with some good possession and balls in the space behind the opponent's back line. Christian played sawyer through the central defenders which led to the first goal of the game. Naples did not wait long to create a counter attack and tie it up. The aggressiveness of the Dutch Lions pad off when Sawyer was granted a free kick 30 yards from goal. The goalkeeper was not able to control the hit and Antonio followed the rebound to take the lead again which lasted for the rest of the first half. Second half kicked off strong for Naples with three goals in less than 10 minutes without a reply. The Dutch Lions had no choice but to pick up the rhythm if they wanted to come back into this game. They put so much effort and played their hearts out, fighting for every ball and creating great combination plays in the midfield to go forward. A free kick by Gabe down the line to Sawyer followed by a great use of his technical skills to eliminate the last defender and goalkeeper ended the sequence with a goal to enhance the thrill of the game. With only a couple minutes to go, the Dutch Lions never stopped working and against all odds, Sawyer took a one touch hit from 35 yard for the equalizer. The boys left it all on the field, playing their best game so far this year in a 4-4 tie.


U15G wins their Friendly game against Immokalee High School.

The Dutch Lions started the game with some good combination plays and possession. In the 6th minute, the midfield played a through ball to Victoria and she opened the score with a dribble to trick the goalkeeper. Ten minutes later, Ariauna scored a stunning header over the goalkeeper to make the score 2-0 for the Dutch Lions. Then, just before halftime, Victoria took a shot on goal and the goalkeeper made a nice safe but she was able to get a hold of the rebound and chipped the ball over the goalkeeper for the third goal of the game. The girls worked really hard in the burning sun and water break at half time got them energized again for the second half. Lauren scored a great free kick from 25 yard with the help of good fake runs from her teammates. A little later, another free kick was scored by Chloe to make it 5-0. Just before the end of the game, Victoria concluded her hat trick following a good combination play and a cross from the wing. The final score was 6-0 for the Dutch Lions girls.


U12 forgot to score their chances

It was a equal game against the Knights, but the Dutch Lions forgot to score their chances, and the Knights only needed one chance.

The first minutes of the game was a little bit unorganized, there where a lot of duels and not that much chances. Most of the time the ball was on the midfield and both teams lost the ball real quick. Just after the water break the Dutch Lions came close to the goal of the Knights, Joao cut and turned in the box and the defender had to make a foul on him. It was a penalty kick for the Dutch Lions. Joao took it by himself and gave the Dutch Lions a 1 – 0 lead. After the goal the knights scored twice before half time. Both times the knights kicked the ball behind the defense of the Dutch Lions, the Dutch Lions where not ready for that and both times it where easy goals. The Dutch Lions didn’t started that well in the second half and the Knights scored 3 goals in a row. After the 3 goals the Dutch Lions started creating chances again. But 1v1 where missed, the post was hit 2 times and the final shot was never made. Unfortunately the Knights scored on the counter what made the score 6 – 1. At the end of the game the Dutch Lions finally found the net again after missing some chances. It was Solon who scored. It made the final score 6 – 2. If the Dutch Lions start scoring their chances, and stop the other team from scoring their chances they will definitely win some games this season.