FGCDL game reports October 24th

FGCDL game reports October 24th

Dutch Lions U8 team 2 against Naples Lions

They day started with U8 Dutch Lions 2 were facing the Naples Lions ate home, hoping to get a positive result with a hard fought battle. They started strong, passing the ball around and showing the improvement on possession they have acquired in the last couple weeks as unit. The was was quickly rewarded by a goal scored by Avery following a great group combination. Unfortunately, we accumulated costly mistakes that ended in goals for the other team, and missed opportunities in front of their goal. It led to a final scor that did not represent the work rate and competitiveness of the team. No positive result this time but we will keep building on all the positive outcomes from the players next games.


Dutch Lions U8 team 1 against Knights

Just as the first game ended, the Dutch Lions 1 kicked off their game in Fort Myers against the Knights. From the beginning we knew it was going to be a hard battle, but the team did let the short amount of breaths stop them from playing well. The Knights were more opportunistic and scored three consecutive goals in first half, but the Dutch Lions replied with a really nice goal on a counter attack. The second half started with a goal from the opponent, which might have motivated the Lions to step up their combination plays to build a nice goal. Tiredness could not be avoid and the Knights took advantage by scoring two more goals before the final whistle. It was a great fight, but unfortunately the game ended 6-2 for them.

U15 Boys against Knights The last game of the day involved the U15 boys playing against the Fort Myers Knights. The first games had been rough physically. During the first half, it seemed difficult to establish our possessive style of play in the game, letting the Knights score on defensive mistakes. Some changes in the lines and structure helped restoring the defense, while our attacking work rate was increasing every minute. We were able to counter attack multiple times from saves made by our goalie and putting the ball back in play quickly. Even though we missed great chances offensively, the group looked a lot stronger and fitter during the second half. We were able to create numerous combination plays leading to goal, and Sawyer finally finished a great 1v1 opportunity against the goalie, set up by good build up and final pass by Antonio Morales. Not enough time was left to the clock to recover the loss, which means next time we have to start the game as strong as we finished this one to win it.