FGCDL Academy Opening Day brings fun and excitement

FGCDL Academy Opening Day brings fun and excitement

September 30, 2015 Cape Coral FL - The US Club Soccer League is kicking off its first Fall season on October 3 and the Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC Youth Academy inaugurated the club’s beginning by creating an Opening Day celebration with the Orange Family.  

The day started with organized activities for kids, all teamed up within their own age groups to promote fair competition.  Soccer skills were honored through dribbling, joggling, and shooting drills, while other fun exercises demanded more dexterity and teamwork.  From the three-legged race to the donut eating contest, youngsters seemed to embrace each event as much as parents enjoyed cheering them on.  Subsequently, everyone got the chance to refuel on energy with a big cookout so the real games could finally start.  The younger teams united to play against their parents and in the mean time older players took the opportunity to get to know new members of the Orange Family while eating burgers and hotdogs.  Afterwards, competition heated up when older groups positioned on the field to take on their parents and coaches.  

The day was a huge success, bringing together over 200 members of the Orange Family to participate in this joyful event.  Definitely a great start of this tradition! 

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