W-League Schedule

The 2013 game schedule for the Dayton Dutch Lions Women's team:




 Day  Date  Time  Home  Away  Location
Scrimmage  Sunday  May 12  6.30pm  DDL U18  MVS W 8-0 
DDL W CUP  Saturday  May 18  3.00pm  DDL  Cincinnati  Beavercreek HS W 3-1
DDL W CUP  Saturday  May 18  5.00pm  Galaxies  Toronto  Beavercreek HS 0-1
DDL W CUP  Sunday  May 19  10.00am  Galaxies  Cincinnati  Beavercreek HS  1-1PK4-5
DDL W CUP  Sunday  May 19  12.00pm  DDL  Toronto  Beavercreek HS L 0-2
W-League  Saturday  May 25  5.30pm  DDL  Charlotte  Beavercreek HS W 1-0
W-League  Saturday  June 1  5.30pm  DDL  Carolina  Beavercreek HS T 1-1
W-League  Saturday  June 8  3.00pm  Tampa  DDL  Plant City Stadium  W 2-1
W-League  Saturday  June 15  7.00pm  Charlotte  DDL  Queens University  W 2-1
W-League  Sunday  June 16  7.00pm  Carolina  DDL  Younts Stadium  L 3-1
W-League  Friday  June 28  4.30pm  DDL  Atlanta  Beavercreek HS W 4-1
W-League  Sunday  June 30  3.30pm  DDL  Atlanta  Beavercreek HS T 0-0
W-League  Friday  July 5  7.00pm  Charlotte  DDL  Queens University T 0-0
W-League  Saturday  July 6  7.30pm  Atlanta  DDL  Atlanta Silv. Park  W 3-2
W-League  Sunday  July 14  4.00pm  DDL  Tampa  Beavercreek HS L 1-4


Southeastern Conference Championship/National Playoffs

 Day  Date  Time  Home  Away  Location
Southeastern Conference Championship Friday July 19. 8:00 p.m. DDL Carolina Beavercreek HS Tickets



You can click here for the current standings